Saturday, January 26, 2013

How to do Plait and Box Braids Extensions (Tutorial)

Box Braids can be done with or without extensions hair added. Commonly known as plaits, it uses three sections of hair and weaved them together to create a perfectly interlaced plait.

How to Three Strand Plait or Box Braid Hair Your Natural Hair

Watch the demonstration video below to see how plaiting/braiding can be done.

There are different ways of doing box braids extensions. Now that you have learned the foundation (plaiting)  in the video above, see two excellent tutorials below showing how they can be done using kanekalon extensions.

How to do Box Braids Extensions Yourself

*Method 1 (Easy for DIYers)

Tip 1

Add less hair for a less bulky look. Remember, too, that using too much hair can make the braid heavy which can stress the roots, causing damage to your cutiicle and eventual hair loss. Be careful when using a lot of hair.

Method 2 

  • Don't braid too tight to the root. Braids are usually heavy. Tight and heavy braids are a recipe for hair loss and cuticle damage.
  • Remove braids after 6-8 weeks. The longer your hair remains braided is the more build-up and tension that is put on your scalp. Tight braiding, excessive build-up and lack of deep treatment are three of the most common causes of hair loss in braiding.
  • Yes, you want the chunky look but don't use too much hair. This will make your hairstyle too heavy, causing tention on the scalp and neck.

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