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What are Senegalese Twists? | How to Senegalese Twist

There are many different ways to add extensions to natural hair. One of the most common methods is the senegalese twists method.

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What are Senegalese Twists?
Senegalese twists occur when two strands of hair are woven together using a double twisting method. They can be done on natural hair or with extensions. Senegalese twisting is a very popular method of twisting They can be done with or without the use of extensions hair. In Jamaica, senegalese twists are also called rope twists.

Senegalese Twists in a bun hairstyle

How to Senegalese Twist
There are two main ways of properly doing senegalese twists for them to look as natural as possible. Some people start them with plaits but this isn't quite the proper method. Twists are usually twisted from the root to the tip. See the two best ways of doing senegalese twists extensions at home below.

Method 1 (Best method for DIYers)

Method 2

The No Extensions Method
This method of doing twists is achieved without the use of extensions hair. A full head of It goes a lot faster as it isn't lengthened by the process of adding the extensions hair.

More Info
According to, senegalese twists originated in Senegal, West Africa. The senegalese twist extensions usually take about 4-8 hours depending on the thickness of your hair and the size of your parts.

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