Saturday, January 26, 2013

What are Box Braids and Box Braids Extensions?

What are Box Braids/Plaits?
Box braids, also known as plaits, are us the process of interweaving three sections of hair together at a time. They can be done at many different sizes pictured below. Click here to learn how to do box braids and plaits with and without extensions. Also check out the blog post on how to treat hair extensions to reduce having an itchy scalp.

Small/Micro-Braid Extensions


Medium Box Braids Extensions (Average & Most Common Size)

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Large Box Braids Extensions (Also known as Poetic Justice or Solange Braids)


Chunky Box Braids Extensions 

Box Braids done on Natural Hair Without Extensions

Box Braids done on natural hair with no extensions

Click here to learn how to do plaits and box braids extensions. 


  1. These braids are made with natural hair?
    Because I'm with braids, but the hair is sintetic.
    Thanks :)

    visit my blog!

    1. Its not sintetic its synthetic and yes its natural hair. I have medium box braids right now and its human hair.

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