Sunday, February 17, 2013

What are Bhantu Knots | How to Do Bhantu Knots

Bhantu Knots/Chiney Bumps

Bhantu Knots, also known as Chiney Bumps are the process of twisting the hair then rolling it unto itself into what look like a big bump or knot. (See video at the end of this post).  There are two main methods.

Bhanty Knots or Chiney Bumps

Method 1: Two strand twist the hair then roll it onto itself.


Method 2:  Twist the hair into a roll then roll it unto itself.

(Traditional Method)

Uses of Bhantu Knots

People generally use bhantu knots for:
  • stretching natural hair.
  • as a drying method that keeps hair out of the way while it dries. 
  • as a hairstyle.
  • as a way of setting the hair to later release the curls produced. That style is called a bhantu knot-out.

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