Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How To | Easy Two-Strand Twist-out on Short Natural Hair

Two-strand twist-out on short natural hair – Source

Twist-outs can be achieved with flat twist sets and two strand twist sets. If you don't know how to flat-twist, this tutorial post is for you. Keep reading to see how to do a two-strand twist-out 

Two-strand twist-out on short natural hair – Source

How To Achieve a Twist-out on Short Natural Hair

Step 1
Start with damp, clean, product free hair.
Remember this! Setting twist-outs on damp hair gives more defined results.

Step 2
Apply a  moisturiser and then oil to moisturise and seal in the moisture applied to the hair.

Step 3
Section your hair and detangle with a wide tooth come. Ensure that the section is detangled.

Step 4
Take small to medium sized sections. You can part with your fingers. Ensure that the section is detangled.

Step 5
Two strand twist the section trying to keep the same two sections all the way to the end. Coil the ends around your fingers to seal the end or wrap the twist on a perm rod for added curl and texture.

Step 6
Allow hair to fully dry. If you don't,  you may end up with a fuzzy poof-ball of a style.

Step 7
Add a light hair oil  like coconut oil to your hair then to your fingers then gently unravel the twists. Reapply oil as needed. The oil on your fingertips and the gentle separation of the twists help to minimize frizz.

You're done!

Watch the video below to see a demonstration of two strand twists being done on short natural hair.


  1. I've been wondering why my twist outs are all weird and frizzy.This was super helpful..Thanks :)

  2. Love it. My hair is not thick like that but i will try it.