Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Simple Natural Hairstyle How-To – Transitioning Hair Appropriate

Simple Transitioning or Natural Hairstyle

If you're transitioning to natural hair, it can get very difficult to keep your hair looking neat and camouflaging your curly and straight textures. This hairstyle might help. Why? It helps your scraggly ends to look more full and blend with the texture of your kinks, curls or waves. Bonus, this style could last you years since it can be done on fully natural or fully relaxed hair too.


Best results will be received when hair is prepped/set the night before the style is to be worn.

Step 1
Moisturize and Seal your hair. Always try to work with or only manipulate lightly damp or very moisturised hair as it is less prone to breakage.

Step 2
Loosely detangle or detangle hair with fingers. The more thoroughly you detangle, the smoother the top of your hairstyle will be.

Step 3
Section the front of your hair that you wish to flat twist. Be sure to part one side all the way to the nape of your neck so that it will blend easily into your ponytail at the center back or to the side of the back of your hair. In the pictured style above, hair was parted  from the right ear and curved around near the other ear and then on to the nape of the neck  for a large section.

Step 4
Secure away the back section then flat twist the front section of hair from one side all the way to the nape of the neck and pin to secure. If you don't know how to flat twist, visit this link to learn how –

Step 5
Apply a bit of a light holding agent of your choice (like Eco Styler Gel) and then secure the back part of your hair along with the end of your twisted section into a single ponytail. At this point, you may remove the pin that was inserted to keep your twist in tact.

Step 6
Apply a holding agent (like Eco Custard or Cantu Shea Butter For Natural Hair Coconut Curling Cream) to the ponytail. Plait or twist the ends of the hair into about 4-6 sections then wrap them into a bun.

Step 7
Tie hair with scarf to keep the style smooth. Let style set overnight leave the scarf on for for 3-4 hours if you are short on time. Remember - the longer you let the style set, the longer it will last.

Step 8
Remove the scarf and separate the ponytail section. You should have kinks and curls at the end of your hair as pictured above. Manipulate the curls for the desired fullness. Optional – you can also turn this into a big messy bun if you desire a more conservative look.

TIP – Redo the ponytail into 4 large twists and a bun at night to keep the style for another day. Don't forget to tie it down to keep it neat. Apply more gel and gently brush the top of the hair if needed.

Happy styling and Keep it Kinky!

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