Wednesday, January 23, 2013

10 Tips for Length Retention | How to Grow Longer Natural Hair


If you want to grow your natural hair, it's not as hard as you think. Try these ten tips for 2012 and you'll be sure to experience increased hair growth if you haven't been doing these things before.
  1. DETANGLE YOUR HAIR WHEN DAMP. Naturally curly hair is more elastic and less likely to break when damp. 
  2. DETANGLE WITH A WIDE TOOTH COMB OR WITH FINGERS. Widely spaced teeth in combs facilitate less tension when used carefully and using fingers reduce breakage significantly. 
  3. SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCE THE USE OF HEAT. Heat is one of the main causes of dryness and split ends which weaken your hair. 
  4. TRY PROTECTIVE STYLING. Styling your hair in ways that tuck away the ends causes less friction to the ends of your hair and exposes it to less potential damage. Also, the less you manipulate your hair, the less damage you are likely to cause. 
  5. DEEP CONDITION YOUR HAIR REGULARLY. If your hair is brittle, try doing moisturising treatments. If your hair is tearing, try protein treatments. These help with the pH balance that your hair requires to be healthy. 
  6. MOISTURISE YOUR HAIR REGULARLY. Natural hair tends to be dry and dry hair tends to be brittle. Brittle hair tends to break and not grow. Spritz your hair with water and seal in the moisture from the water with oil to help keep your hair moisturised. 
  7. TRIM YOUR BAD ENDS AS NEEDED. Check your ends regularly but only trim when your ends are not responding to treatment or when they are split. Split ends continue to split up your hair shaft causing more damage. Do not trim your hair if it is healthy. 
  8. PROTECT YOUR HAIR AT NIGHT. Cover your hair at night. Cotton pillows soak up moisture and rub against strands which cause breakage.  So, use a satin pillowcase or  a satin cap to protect your hair at nights. Ensure that your moisturised ends are tucked away safely to prevent any damage. 
  9. MAINTAIN A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. Healthy bodies function well. Unhealthy bodies don't. Hair growth is a function of your body. 
  10. AVOID TIGHT STYLES AND USE GOOD HAIR CLIPS. Avoid using items that snag or break your hair like rough brushes, broken metal clips, elastic bands etc. These cause damage and can alter the healthiness of your hair, causing it to be thin or broken. Styling your hair too tightly is a common cause of hair loss. Avoid tight styles to minimise scalp damage.

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